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The basis of LeonidesARTS is to nurture underrepresented visual artists, help encourage and guide their careers, and eventually give them all the tools to a fruitful and empowering art journey.

LeonidesArts New York is an artist-led visual arts organization whose mission is to present contemporary art exhibitions and public art projects that reflect a variety of different artistic styles, disciplines, themes, and cultural experiences.

LeonidesArts is dedicated to providing artists with a platform to create and produce in all mediums. Unlike the standard commercial gallery approach, LeonidesArts creates a more pragmatic working relationship for artists that allows them the freedom to independently determine their personal goals and initiatives artistically and supports the development and presentation of their work to an audience as wide as possible.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that our gallery has lost its founder, Mr. Leonides Rosa Molinar. He passed away on Wednesday, June 9 at 10:10 PM at Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, he was 67 years old. There are not enough words to express our grief.  Leo was truly a champion, a fighter, and above all else a human being who possessed an “otherworldly” presence and demeanor. He left a deep impact on so many people both spiritually and personally, especially to those in the Arts and in the LGBTQ+ community.

The basis of LeonidesArts is to nurture underrepresented visual artists, help encourage and guide their careers, and eventually give them all the tools and know how to make it on their own. Leo leaves behind his partner of 42 years Mr. Christian Kerherve, who through all of the uncertainty and through Leo’s fight to continue on, Christian was dutifully at his bedside as he transitioned.  He is also survived by his sister Zilka Rosa and his brother Dr. Edward Rosa.

He as a personality was elegant, eloquent, charming, and was definitely “larger than life” as well as opulent and grand. A true epicurean at heart, he taught everyone how to enjoy the finer things in life and to always value hard work, self respect and respect to others even if on didn’t receive it back from them in return. Most importantly he taught us to always give back to others, especially to fellow artists and the less fortunate. His guidance in how to be human is unmatched. 

Leo’s unique gift in life was to reintroduce to everyone he met to look closer at who they really are and to what they really are capable of. And if Leo really liked you and your work he seemed to “move mountains” in his support of you and in his own way he would do everything in his power to make sure you had the best chance for your voice and vision to be to be seen and heard and above all else have your time in the sun. 

Do know Leo your legacy lives on in Christian, your family, your friends, your artists, and in all of whom you helped and encouraged. Your wisdom, truth, and light truly live on inside of all of us!  The gallery will live on, pushing forward your mission to support artists to share their work and ideas with the world.  


Your Artist Family

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