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Jason Jackson

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Jason Jackson is a visual artist specializing in photography. He has resided in Harlem, N.Y. for over 20 years and his street and travel photography reflects both an observational and documentarian style of environmental portraiture. 


Mr. Jackson is adept at photographing the candid and spontaneous moments  of everyday life and capturing how they resonate with the current events in the world at large (or of history repeating itself). Capturing moments in time that reflect the social and political climate and culture of the world is what often drives his visual narrative.  He has exhibited in the USA as well as abroad and been featured in a variety publications.

Mr. Jackson states, ”When photographing I try to find a balance between an observational and narrative intent. Every picture has a story.”

Mr. Jackson also spends his time developing “THE EROTIESE PROJECT” which he describes as intimate series that focuses on the male form and what it represents. He states, “My vision for The Erotiese Project has always been to create an emotionally driven narrative that people can relate to. Nudity is sometimes a part of this but it isn’t always about the naked body. There may be a sense of loss, lust, joy or familiarity that the viewer connects with when they view the art.


"My intention when shooting the male form has always been to create a visual narrative that reinforces as well as challenges how we perceive masculinity.” Jason Jackson.


Please view Jason's ARTSY profile to inquire or purchase his artwork. 



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