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Dr Krzysztof Krzysztof

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I am interested in interdisciplinary research between the arts and social sciences, focused on conflict resolution. 


My job is to mediate silence. I have come a long way from an artist mainly interested in sculpture, to object relationship, interaction with public space, experimental video or painting, to include them in artistic research. Since working on my doctorate at ulster University, I have been constantly interested in the philosophy of science, the development of new methods of artistic research based on psychological aspects of attitudes, defense mechanisms, and group dynamics.


I see potential in the public discourse as a memorization platform and the active commentary for present events. Both on a local a global scale. 

Born in 1980. Studied at Universaet der Kunst in Berlin, Warsaw Academy of Arts and Ulster University in Belfast where achieved the title of the Doctor for his work on attitude toward public sculpture as group dynamic process in 2018. Works in multiple mediums. Had international and individual exhibitions including public comissions as well. Reviewer for academic journals and researcher.


Please view Robert's ARTSY profile to inquire or purchase his artwork. 



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