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Patience the fuel, self-discipline the spark and trust in the process give rise to art of
Robert Gann. From Maui, Hawaii, he describes himself as a “New Old School Abstract Expressionist”.


Influenced by the work of iron age cave painters, Jackson Pollack and Anslem Kiefer. He says, the natural yet unexpected next step for him as a painter is his creation of “Floating Layers” which have become his “signature technique”.
His layering technique is what the name suggests. Layers that float, layers with space between them that add dimension and wonder. His themes embrace abstract
expression and the new old school? For him, it’s where we learn to stand on the
shoulders of the past for a better view of the future.


Please view Robert's ARTSY profile to inquire or purchase his artwork. 



  • More details on 2022 exhibit dates

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